I have a great pleasure to announce that the Polish Association of Cosmetic and Detergent Industry (PACDI) has already launched COSMILE – the largest in Poland database of cosmetic ingredients with approximately 30 000 substances.

You will find COSMILE here: cosmile.app

COSMILE is a reliable, science-based source of information on properties and effects, as well as safety of ingredients of cosmetic products, which is now available in 3 languages: English, German and Polish. It supports cosmetics business to educate consumers on the safety of cosmetic products and their ingredients. But not only consumers will benefit from the availability of the COSMILE database. We encourage retailers, product suppliers, employees of retailers responsible for contract manufacturing (private label), representatives of public administration and journalists to use it.

Here, by entering the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) names given on the packaging of the cosmetic product, you will find information about the ingredients, their properties and functions in the product.

The launch of COSMILE database was the subject of a conference organised by the Polish Association of Cosmetic and Detergents Industry (PACDI)on October 1, 2021. The meeting was chaired by myself and Dr Iwona Białas - Safety Assessor.

The participants of the meeting - approx. 150 people -  were representatives of various stakeholders:

  • Polish authorities:
    • Ministry of Economic Development and Technology
    • Chief Sanitary Inspectorate
    • Provincial and District Sanitary Inspectorate
    • Office of Competition and Consumer Protection
    • Polish Investment and Trade Agency 
  • producers of cosmetics products
  • trade and research companies and laboratories operating in the field of cosmetics
  • academic society

I warmly invite you to watch a spot we made to support promotion of COSMILE In Poland: https://youtu.be/ZLkk7VXSgpk

The success of the project is confirmed by the number of participants as well as their enthusiastic reactions and questions regarding the future development of COSMILE.

I hope you will find COSMILE a useful tool.


Kind regards,

Dr. Anna Oborska

Director General, Vice President of the Board, PACDI

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