We are pleased to announce the new partnership between Laboratoires ERIGER and RAHN. Laboratoires ERIGER has given RAHN exclusive distribution responsibility for the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany. 

Laboratoires ERIGER is a young, innovative company founded in March 2019 in France. Based on an outstanding knowledge in the field of vectorization, PhytoVec® technology has been developed. 

This technology leverages the capabilities of chlorophyll to vectorize a large spectrum of active molecules at high concentration by encapsulation in water. It guarantees stability and long-term protection of sensitive active molecules such as vitamins and polyphenols. The PhytoVec® format provides protection against UV and oxidation that is far superior to that of liposomes. 

The PhytoVec® vectorization has proven its performance on many active ingredients, including the powerful yet challenging Vitamin A. With this technology, Laboratoires ERIGER is proud to offer a range of standard products as well as tailor-made solutions with cosmetic brands and active ingredient manufacturers.

We look forward to bringing you this exciting new technology! 

About RAHN

RAHN-Group specialising in market-orientated cosmetic active substances since 1999

RAHN AG is a financially independent Swiss family company with three business areas, Cosmetics and EnergyCuring. RAHN AG has been a key player in the international marketplace more than 80 years and has more recently grown into an internationally acclaimed expert in the development and sale of speciality chemicals.

In 1999 RAHN launched its own cleverly devised RAHN-Cosmetic Actives for use in a variety of applications.

RAHN-Cosmetic Actives – a holistic platform satisfying individual customer requirements

We at RAHN speak the language of cosmetic science and strive to generate new inspiration for our customers. This message is reflected in RAHN-Cosmetic Actives where we recognise and harness the potential of nature, whilst combining it with modern technology to generate market-orientated, tried and tested active concepts. Constantly at the cutting edge of skin biology, we transform our scientifically proven systems into cosmetic statements. With its extensive platform, RAHN-Cosmetic Actives is capable of meeting a wide range of customer requirements be it in terms of marketing, science, product development or product safety.

Uncomplicated customer service – second nature to us!

Our customers are at the very heart of our business and we recognise the importance of responding swiftly to customer requests to offer workable solutions. The documentation for RAHN-Cosmetic Actives is comprehensive and practical. Our customers are delighted to use the intelligent trade names on their cosmetic packaging to further enhance pack claims. We are also equipped to deal with formulation problems in our technical applications laboratory as well as providing 


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