Developing sustainable and natural cosmetic formulations starts with the selection of suitable raw materials. Up-cycled dietary fibers from agro-food industries e.g., cellulose or gums can meet requirements, as explained subsequent. The fibers can be soluble or insoluble in water leading to different functionalities within the formulation i.e., supporting emulsion stability and viscosity. Besides rheological properties, the fibers contribute to an outstanding skin feel after application and can sooth the skin additionally.

By combining cellulose, gum, and ß-glucan, we developed an all-natural o/w emulsifier and stabilizer to offer a sustainable solution to the formulator. While the insoluble ß-glucan fibers derived from oat adjust at the oil-water interface to help building a pickering emulsion, the cellulose and guar gum create a gel network to further stabilize the well-distributed particles leading to a dual mode of action and robust emulsion products. BergaMuls ET 2 is the latest product of our growing range of green emulsifi(b)ers, which comes as a water-less powder based on the dried and milled fibers mentioned. The sustainable sourcing from abundant and draught-resistant materials is just another advantage of working with BergaMuls products.

The cornerstone of this range was laid more than a decade ago with the launch of BergaMuls ET 1 and we were far ahead of the trend curve. In contrast to the new version of BergaMuls ET 2, which acts as emulsifier and co-stabilizer for o/w emulsions, BergaMuls ET 1 works best as thickener for oil-free systems and serum formulations or to enhance the sensorial aspects of more caring products. Both products are extremely mild to the skin barrier as they do not exhibit surface activity which make them suitable for emulsifier-free concepts. In contrast to traditional emulsifiers used in natural cosmetics, which are known to the market in terms of processing and sensory, BergaMuls ET 2 is not esterified, but cold-processible and therefore also less likely to create soaping effects. The viscosity of an o/w emulsion using this new fiber from Berg+Schmidt as emulsifier increases linearly with the size of the oil phase. Consequently, the ingredient allows to formulate products ranging from light, translucent and refreshing cream-gels to caring lotions and compact creams. The typical use concentration is between 1-3%, making it an economic must-have for modern formulations.

With consumers becoming more and more aware of what is in fact contained in their cosmetic products and which ingredients are favorable from an ecological viewpoint, BergaMuls products can help to increase consumer acceptance, too. Consumers want to take eco-responsibility for their consumption patterns. Let’s help them to make good and sustainable choices. The new BergaMuls ET 2 upcycled from food by-products, allows for zero waste policy, circularity, and sustainable approaches, comes as a water-free and vegan raw material and is the ideal ingredients for tomorrow's cosmetic formulations of conscious consumers.

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