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Trends are cyclical, but timeless classics have always been must-haves thanks to their proven quality and effectiveness. Collagen is the classic par excellence in the world of cosmetics, however, we need a change, as the world is becoming increasingly conscious of sustainability. That's why LipoTrue is capable of remastering classics to make them more sustainable without sacrificing high efficacy. This is feasible thanks to our Wild plants as biofactories technology, where we use vertical farming to further strengthen our sustainability.

Col-4-Frag remastered™ which has been short-listed for Best Ingredient at the in-cosmetics Asia Awards, is the new addition to the Fragment remastered line, a type IV collagen fragment produced in Wild plants as biofactories. This sustainable technology allows us to obtain a molecule identical to a fragment of the human collagen type IV sequence, with the proper post-translational hydroxylations required to be fully functional.

Col-4-Frag remastered™ acts on the collagen IV net by intervening in its synthesis and anchoring, thanks to perlecan and collagen type VII. As a result, you can enjoy a smooth and flawless neck and décolleté with fewer wrinkles and dark spots. A remastered concept of collagen, for V-neckline beauty.

Lipotrue Calisensit Calm Your Skin

Lipotrue also launches Calisensix™, a holistic active ingredient containing white willow bark extract and tomato stem cells, is the outcome of LipoTrue's Greenology technology. Bright lights, loud noises, and crowded areas are just a few examples of stressors that can overstimulate our senses, leading in sensory overload and increased unpleasant skin sensitivity. Calisensix™ alleviates sensory overload and undesired skin sensitivity by resolving neurogenic inflammation, soothing discomfort, and enhancing pleasant sensations in sensitive skin. Calisensix™ is the skin’s mindfulness coach that improves your self-perception. Calm your Skin, Enjoy your Senses!

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