For cosmetic formulators and R&D experts, finding the perfect balance between innovation and sustainability is a paramount goal when crafting exceptional skincare products. SeaBalance 2000, developed by Carbonwave, a public benefit corporation dedicated to upcycling sargassum seaweed, embodies sustainable excellence supported by compelling scientific evidence.

SeaBalance 2000 is a pioneering seaweed-based O/W emulsifier that seamlessly bridges scientific innovation with sustainability. It is the first seaweed-based emulsifier in the world, setting a new standard in the industry. This versatile emulsifier is designed to cater to a wide range of cosmetic formulations, offering a unique blend of functionality and sustainability.

SeaBalance 2000

Figure: SeaBalance 2000: an algae-based emulsifier that seamlessly blends scientific innovation with sustainability. (Source: Biesterfeld Spezialchemie)

SeaBalance offers a wide range of benefits for formulators and consumers alike. With a pH compatibility range from 3.5 to 9, it’s an emulsifier that effortlessly adapts to various formulations. SeaBalance 2000 can accommodate up to 25% oil concentration, providing formulators with the flexibility to create rich, oil-based serums, moisturizers, and other high-end skincare products. This versatility opens the door to a wide range of product possibilities, giving you the freedom to explore new horizons in product development. Apart from the wide range of use cases for SeaBalance, clinical studies have confirmed a 27% increase in moisturization after2 hours. This, coupled with a 12% reduction in trans-epidermal water loss after 6 hours, supporting its efficacy in maintaining healthy skin.

When it comes to sun protection, SeaBalance 2000 is your go-to solution. Its exceptional compatibility with both mineral and chemical UV filters allows you to craft highly effective sun care products. By using SeaBalance 2000, you can confidently offer reliable and comprehensive UV protection, meeting the needs of today’s skincare market.,

SeaBalance 2000 is more than just a cosmetic ingredient; it’s a statement of environmental responsibility. As the world’s first seaweed-based emulsifier, it embodies Carbonwave’s commitment to sustainability. By upcycling sargassum seaweed, SeaBalance 2000 actively combats the environmental challenge posed by sargassum blooms, reducing the release of harmful methane as the seaweed decomposes. Choosing SeaBalance 2000 is choosing proactive environmental stewardship

Recognized and acclaimed by the industry, SeaBalance 2000 has received several prestigious awards, including the Gold Award for Best Functional Ingredient at InCosmetics Korea 2022 and Incosmetics Latin America 2023, the Gold Award for the Most Innovative Ingredient from the Society of Cosmetic Chemists in Brazil, along with Gold in the Green Ingredient category at Incosmetics Latin America 2023 and Bronze at InCos Global 2023.

SeaBalance 2000 proudly carries the Cosmos approval and is certified without animal origin. Formulators and R&D professionals can confidently incorporate SeaBalance 2000 into their creations, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable and cruelty-free cosmetics.

Shape the future of skincare today by integrating SeaBalance 2000 into your formulations. This remarkable emulsifier combines scientific evidence, pH versatility, UV filter compatibility, and sustainability, all in one package SeaBalance 2000 isn’t just an emulsifier; it’s a promise of eco-conscious beauty. Make the sustainable choice that offers both performance and environmental responsibility. Choose SeaBalance 2000 and take your formulations to a new level of excellence.

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