At in-cosmetics Global 2019, Lonza today launches the newest in its portfolio of bioactives, H2OBioEV™ bioactive, a multifunctional cosmetic ingredient that revitalizes, rejuvenates and moisturizes skin. In-cosmetics Global 2019 takes place 2-4 April in Paris (FR). Lonza will be at Stand L88.

“H2OBioEV™ bioactive moisturizes by replenishing essential humectants, which provide an optimal environment for epidermal proteins to form and maintain a strong barrier, thus restoring a smooth and radiant appearance,” said Vanessa Arruda, PhD, Global Market Development Manager, Bioactives. “It is an evolution in moisturization, to refresh and revitalize skin.”

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Twice Unique
H2OBioEV™ bioactive is unique because it offers three different biophysical and biochemical approaches to address dry skin from a single ingredient. H2OBioEV™ bioactive rejuvenates skin by:

  • Depositing an invisible film that locks moisture in the skin
  • Replenishing essential humectants and providing a stabilizing environment for functional skin proteins
  • Stimulating the expression of proteins essential to forming and maintaining an optimal skin barrier function

“The modern consumer has different needs and expectations, which change the way she or he chooses products,” Dr. Arruda said, referring to a recent Euromonitor survey*. “Rather than looking for a specific type of product, consumers are looking for cutting-edge technologies that provide particular functionalities. They recognize five categories of functionality in cosmetic products: rejuvenating, age defying, age reversing, beauty enhancing and imperfection correcting.”

Responding to consumer demand to rejuvenate and revitalize skin, Lonza created H2OBioEV™ bioactive by optimizing a unique combination of naturally sourced ingredients, including Aphanothece Sacrum and Galactoarabinan polysaccharides.

  • Aphanothece sacrum is rich in ampholytic macromolecular polysaccharide, which is highly hydrophilic and absorbs more water than other typical polysaccharides
  • Galactoarabinan is sourced sustainably from the larch tree and extracted via a patented technology. It is known to reduce Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) on the skin, providing long-lasting moisturization and hydration

H2OBioEV™ bioactive is ideal for use in facial and body moisturizers, lip balm, hand care and face masks, which Dr. Arruda said are “a super-trend in Asia and all around the globe.”

Proven Results
In independent in vivo clinical tests, scientists collected facial images and topography profiles via Primos 3D and Visia CR imaging techniques and analyzed the images for the appearance of wrinkles and skin texture.

Dr. Arruda reported the images showed “a significant reduction in both the appearance of wrinkle depth and mean roughness with the H2OBioEV™ bioactive, thereby providing a skin-smoothing effect in the pre-orbital region of the face. The Visia CR imaging system showed statistically significant reductions in surface irregularity and the coefficient of visibility of lines and wrinkles.”

Ex vivo tests showed H2OBioEV™ bioactive helped improve the skin’s barrier structure, increased the skin’s own moisturization capability and improved cell-cell cohesion.

At in-cosmetics Global 2019, Lonza also is highlighting its most recent flagship bioactives, XPressEV™ bioactive and ScreenLight™ Block.

XPressEV™ Bioactive
Lonza’s premium skin-care ingredient, XPressEV™ bioactive functional is suitable for formulations designated for areas where consumers require the appearance of firmer, fitter skin, primarily the face but also the neck and hands. Designed to help mitigate the visible effects of chronological aging, it is targeted for consumers of both genders and of all ages.

XPressEV™ bioactive is an “evolution for personal care in skin surface architecture” because it works within the skin layers targeting the dermis and the dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ).

XPressEV™ bioactive functional is created using cutting-edge Supercritical CO2 extraction, a more environmentally friendly process than traditional extraction techniques, to obtain extract of Morus Nigra from mulberry leaves. Other ingredients are pearl extract, which has been used in traditional Chinese remedies and cosmetics for hundreds of years; linseed oil and canola oil.

ScreenLight™ Block
ScreenLight™ Block bioactive functional helps protect skin from the visible effects of blue light and environmental stressors such as UV light and pollution. It is suitable for such skin-care formulations as facial cream and aftershave lotion, for makeup and for gentle cosmetic formulations.

ScreenLight™ Block helps reduce the appearance of dark spots, resulting in skin that appears more evenly toned (based on in vivo clinical data). It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (based on subjects’ perceptions of themselves), and it helps prevent increased melanin production from exposure to visible light and pollution (based on ex vivo data).

Lonza produces the ScreenLight™ Block by using Supercritical CO2 extraction to obtain the Physalis alkekengi extract from the subtropical Chinese lantern fruit.

About Lonza Consumer Product Ingredients – Personal Care
At Lonza Home & Personal Care, we are pushing the boundaries of science to help brand leaders and product innovators around the world to create cleaner, healthier and more effective products to meet the demands of today’s consumers. Through our Science of Gorgeous™ Service, we help visionary Personal Care formulators and manufacturers offer value-driven consumers an extensive portfolio of innovative skin-, scalp- and hair-care technologies.

We are a leading supplier of non-traditional and traditional functional solutions, including next-generation preservatives, chassis ingredients, aesthetic modifiers and bioactives.

Working at the frontier of skin-care science, which is no longer bound by conventional chemistry, methods and technology, we equip developers aspiring to reduce the appearance of aging and the environment, enhance skin tone and maintain skin at its healthiest state. Following our holistic approach, we provide the means to protect, maintain and restore scalp health.

With strong capabilities in large and small molecules, as well as biotechnology, we unleash the power of cosmetics and natural-product science to help brands create innovative products that meet every consumer expectation.

* Euromonitor: Beauty & Personal Care - Segmenting Consumer Skin Care Expectations. 2017.

About Lonza
Lonza is an integrated solutions provider that creates value along the Healthcare Continuum®. Through our Pharma Biotech & Nutrition segment and our Specialty Ingredients segment businesses, we harness science and technology to serve markets along this continuum. We focus on creating a healthy environment, promoting a healthier lifestyle and preventing illness through consumers' preventive healthcare, as well as improving patient healthcare by supporting our customers to deliver innovative medicines that help treat or even cure severe diseases.

Patients and consumers benefit from our ability to transfer our pharma know-how to the healthcare, hygiene and fast-moving consumer goods environment and to the preservation and protection of the world where we live.

Founded in 1897 in the Swiss Alps, Lonza today is a well-respected global company with more than 100 sites and offices and approximately 15,500 full-time employees worldwide at the end of 2018. The company generated sales of CHF 5.5 billion in 2018 with a CORE EBITDA of CHF 1.5 billion. Further information can be found at

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