Who to believe? On which label should we base ourselves? How to communicate on the sustainability of a cosmetic product? The stakes are high, as is the consumers' expectations on this subject.

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To provide a common solution, 13 French companies, including EXPANSCIENCE, accompanied by the France Éco Extraction association and the PASS competitiveness cluster, have developed a tool to assess the sustainability of cosmetic ingredients through a label : ERI 360°. This label is intended for ingredient suppliers who are committed to rationalising and limiting their societal and environmental impacts, with a view to continuous improvement. Thus, as part of its CSR approach, which has been in place for more than 15 years, and its commitment to ensuring that 100% of these new active ingredients are eco-socio-designed (from the sourcing of the plant to the final ingredient), EXPANSCIENCE has had its cosmetic ingredients audited via this tool and by an external body. Today, 6 of their active ingredients are labelled ERI 360°.

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Sustainability is defined on the basis of an analysis grid based on 100 SMART indicators (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Recognized and Transparent), which makes it possible to measure the environmental, social and traceability impact of the raw material and the production process and thus of the cosmetic active ingredient. The objective is twofold: to control and optimize the development of an ingredient, from the supply of its raw material to its production (improvement of the cultivation process, co-product/upcycling valorisation, zero waste, local development...). Feel free to contact us for more information about the ERI 360° profiles of ALGAENIA®, SKINHAIRGIUM® Bio, ACTIMP® Powder Bio, SWEETONE®, EFFIPULP® and AQUALICIA®.

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