INOLEX is adding to its portfolio of sustainably minded ingredients with the launch of SustOleo™ TL, a new sensory enhancing, palm-free texturizer that delivers innovation enabling technology with a sound environmental profile. 

SustOleo™ TL is the newest addition to the SustOleo™ (Sustainable Oleo) product line, which provides a reliable option for brands seeking to reduce their dependency on palm derivatives and avoid the social, ecological, and biological impacts associated with palm production. This palm-free texturizer offers unique sensory benefits and versatile application for innovative skincare and color cosmetics formulas. The product debuts at CaliSCC Suppliers' Day, October 2-3, 2019, Long Beach, California.
“What’s good for the planet should also be good for formulators and consumers,” said Lisa Gandolfi, Director of Marketing. “This palm-alternative ingredient has incredible sensory characteristics that enable formulation innovation with unique sensations and product textures.”
INOLEX Sustoleo TL Sensory by Sustoleo

SustOleo™ TL exhibits two distinct melt temperatures that are close to skin temperature for fast breakdown. The product absorbs rapidly and dries quickly giving the impression of a cooling sensation upon application, and a light, powdery skin after-feel.

With the launch of SustOleo™ TL, INOLEX is introducing Sensory by SustOleo™, an ingredient collection that encompasses the line of SustOleo™ palm-alternative technologies. This first installation of Sensory by SustOleo™ includes three palm-alternative sensory enhancers, SustOleo™ MCT, SustOleo™ TSB, and SustOleo™ TL, all of which are well-suited for skincare and color cosmetics applications.
SustOleo™ TL is COSMOS approved, NSF/ANSI 305 approved, and contains 100% USDA certified biobased content via the USDA BioPreferred® Program. For more information about any of the innovation ingredients in the SustOleo™ Product Range or to request samples, contact

INOLEX is an independent, global specialty ingredients company that provides safe and effective beauty care options for brands around the world. With a deep understanding of lifestyle trends and expertise in green chemistry, INOLEX balances lab and nature to create sustainable, life ingredients. Core technologies include Alternative Preservation; High-performance Polymers for sun care; Alternatives for Silicones; Natural and Quat-free Cationic Conditioning Agents, and Palm Alternatives, with a focus on plant-based, certified natural options in all categories.

INOLEX Ingredients
The INOLEX innovation platform is guided by the Principles of Green Chemistry and life-cycle thinking. The company is recognized for its leading proprietary technologies—with an emphasis on natural, plant-based solutions—in Alternative Preservation, Silicone Alternatives, Palm Alternatives, Film Formers, and Conditioning Agents. INOLEX first launched its SustOleo™ palm-alternative product line in 2016. SustOleo™ MCT was selected as a finalist in the 2017 Ecovia Intelligence Sustainable Beauty Awards: Category Sustainable Ingredient.

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