In line with an ongoing portfolio realignment, BioAktive will be focusing on its new portfolio of products at InCosmetics Asia in Bangkok this year. The annual show at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center (BITEC) is important for markets in Asia and Oceana as well as in the middle east and follows the global industry trends. This will be BioAktive's second time exhibiting on its own at the show rather than through distributors.

"InCosmetics Asia is a great event for us." says Solomon Matzner from BioAktive. "The show always has a good turn out and we have had great experience with our local partner, Triple Nine Solutions. Last year we wanted to stand out a bit more and attract other distributors in the region as well as have more face time with potential customers. This was great for us and for our distributors."

BioAktive's new and more focused product portfolio will be on display at the show with samples, samples formulations and product literature. In particular, BioAktive will be promoting its Natralite range of plant based emollients, which shows tremendous promise in Asian markets.

According to Robin Willmann, BioAktive Cofounder, "Natralite is really ideal for Asia, where warmer temperatures and high humidity levels make working with lipid based emollients a challenge. Natralite's dry silicone skin feel makes it very interesting for companies in Asia where they want to avoid a greasy skin feel."

BioAktive will also be promoting Castorline, their natural alternative to petroleum jelly, HydraMaxx, their cold process emulsion concentrate system which both have a lot of interest within the Asia Pacific market.

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About BioAktive
BioAktive is a supplier of functional, plant-derived ingredients for use personal care and cosmetics. Our products are inspired by nature and designed to provide real value and functionality for our customers as they develop products in skin care, hair care, cosmetics, soaps and toiletries.​ Our portfolio includes natural-derived alternatives to common chemical products such as silicone oils and petroleum jelly as well as plant based functional ingredients such as our emulsion concentrates and other lipid based emollients.​ BioAktive is an agile supplier, putting emphasis on product selection, R&D, market knowledge, marketing and distribution. We are responsive to our customer and business partners needs, and work together with them to create solutions to real problems. We are strategic, pragmatic and solution oriented, working to ensure high quality, reliability of supply and cost effectiveness. ​BioAktive is BioAktive Specialty Products, part of BioAktive Group Inc, a US company supplying best in class ingredients, raw materials and solutions across industries.

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