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No more having to buy bottles of shampoo or body wash that can end up being 95% water! This self-foaming formula provides for a new shower experience in three easy steps. First, sprinkle some powder in your hand and add a little bit of water. Watch the foam bloom, then apply it to your body or hair and enjoy.

IngredientsFunctionality% by Weight
Nativacare 8600 (Ingredion Incorporated) Rice Starch Carrier 35.7
STEPANOL® WA-100 NF/USP Surfactant 9.0
Citric Acid Fizzing Agent 18.0
Sodium Carbonate Fizzing Agent 9.0
Fragrance Additive 0.3


1. Mix ingredients in the order listed above.
2. If needed, pH can be adjusted with Citric Acid or Sodium Carbonate.

Physical Properties

Appearance, as is: Pale, yellow powder
pH, 5% aqueous: 5 - 6


4 weeks at 45ºC: Not applicable based on form
4 weeks at 20ºC: Not applicable based on form
4 weeks at 5ºC: Not applicable based on form
Freeze/Thaw, 3 cycles: Not applicable based on form

Instructions for Use

Sparkle powder in hand, and add a little water then apply to the body. To prevent degradation, avoid humid conditions.

External Comment

Marketing Notes: To prevent degradation, avoid humid conditions.

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