Looking for a moisturizer that hydrates skin for up to 48 hours while at the same time leaving it smoother, firmer and more elastic? How about a moisturizer that also increases skin hydration after just one application in a shower formulation and leads to an increased moisturization even after rinsing? 

PolyFructol Plus: 

• Immediately and deeply rehydrates dry skin (48 h) 

• Enhances skin elasticity and firmness (48 h) 

• Protects and regenerates the skin barrier (48 h) 

• Even works in rinse-off products and after a single application 

PolyFructol Plus is based on the oligosaccharide inulin that comes from chicory roots. This is combined with lecithin-derived liposomes to enhance its activity. Long-lasting and effective for up to 48 hours. 

For more information, see here.

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