BioEstolide™ is an innovative new safe synthetic product with enhanced overall stability. It is commonly used as an emollient due to its moisturization characteristics and a light, satiny feel. This unique patented ester is made from natural seed oils and delivers enhanced performance in personal care formulations. BioEstolides™ deliver superior oxidative stability and hydrolytic stability making them longer lasting and easier to formulate with in a wide range of personal care applications. 

Biosynthetic® Technologies’ flexible chemistry allows for the products to be specifically designed to meet a wide range of formulation requirements. The estolide is made by linking natural fatty acids together to form oligomers. The fatty acids can come from almost any natural oil source. In this instance the BioEstolides™ are formed using fatty acids from castor oil. This unique estolide structure provides the product unique protection from oxidation so it does not easily go rancid or break down over time.

Features and Benefits:

  • Moisturization – BioEstolides™ hydrate, soften and smooth the skin surface without leaving an oily residue on the skin
  • Sensory Enhancer – BioEstolides™ have a luxurious soft feel.
  • Enhanced Oxidative Stability - BioEstolides™ have excellent oxidative stability enhancing the shelf life of the product over other naturally derived oils.
  • Enhanced Hydrolytic Stability – The chemical structure of
  • BioEstolides™ protects the molecule and improves hydrolytic stability.
  • High Refractive Index - BioEstolides™ have a high refractive index enhancing the look of a formulation
  • Pigment Dispersion – The polar nature of the BioEstolide™ chemistry allows it easily hold pigment
  • Thickening – BioEstolides™ function as a thickening agent in personal care formulations to enhance the consistency, viscosity and volume of personal care products.
  • Non-Toxic - BioEstolide™ are considered non-toxic and noncomedogenic.
  • UV Protection - BioEstolide™ has some inherent UV blocking properties to boost UV protection naturally in a formulation.

About Biosynthetic Technologies

Biosynthetic® Technologies manufactures a revolutionary new class of biobased synthetic compounds called Estolides that are made from organic fatty acids found in various bio-derived oils. These highly functional biosynthetic oils have numerous uses in lubricant, automotive, marine, pharma and personal care applications and can be used as the primary base oil of a formulation, a component of a base oil co-blend, or even as an additive. In addition to their high-performance properties, these renewable oils are biodegradable and nontoxic. Biosynthetic Technologies strives to make their mark on the world by delivering innovations for a sustainable future. For more information about Biosynthetic™ Technologies, please visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

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