As outdoor mask-wearing continues in many parts of the world, so do increased skin fragility and outbreaks of ‘maskne.’ All-natural, anti-blemish CLEAR Oléoactif®, the go-to active solution for clearer complexions, can help with this modern-day challenge.

CLEAR Oléoactif® is an active ingredient based on the sustainable use of a carefully selected, remarkably performant organic thyme co-product sourced in France. Its two major markers – thymol and carvacrol – are identified and extracted at more than 90%. The synergistic complex of thyme and virgin camelina oil facilitates the active’s penetration into the sebaceous duct. CLEAR Oléoactif® provides blemished skins the fatty acids that it needs.

Best practices in sustainability and biodiversity

Hallstar France is the first cosmetic ingredients supplier worldwide to fulfill Nagoya Protocol requirements for a French genetic resource like that used in CLEAR Oléoactif®. We achieved the Internationally Recognized Certificate of Compliance (IRCC) at Access and Benefit-Sharing Clearing House (ABSCH), confirming that our company fulfills Nagoya Protocol requirements. 

CLEAR Oléoactif®'s R&D will be conducted in collaboration with local Mediterranean French suppliers and the regional natural spaces conservatory. We share the Nagoya Protocol’s same interests and objectives of understanding, managing and preserving natural heritage values associated with Thymus vulgaris.

Targeting the main mechanisms involved in imperfection-prone skin

In tuboex vivo and in vivo clinical studies demonstrate that CLEAR Oléoactif® at only 1% dose effectively:

  • decreases sebum secretion, resulting in soothed, less shiny skin
  • combats hyperkeratinisation and modulates inflammation 
  • clinically reduces the number of retentional and inflammatory lesions
  • protects the lipids against oxidation and keeps a healthy sebum
  • preserves the epidermis structure from lesions induced by C. acnes

Obtained through patented Oléo-éco-extraction technology, CLEAR Oléoactif® is eco-designed, vegetal, 100% French, 99.9% COSMOS-certified, totally safe and globally compliant. 

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Want to learn more about CLEAR Oléoactif®, including the details of our extensive clinical data? Click the button below.

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