SYNERGIO debuts its breakthrough skin microbiome-friendly preservation system uniquely geared to the personal skin care sector. The start-up’s novel technology is slated to fill one of the industry’s most gaping white spaces of delivering a better-for-you, sustainable and wholly natural preservative for toiletries and cosmetics. The company recently unveiled BiomEco™ 94: - its first range of 100 % botanically sourced broad-spectrum antimicrobial components that can target specified microorganisms at low concentrations and will be showcased at the NYSCC Suppliers' Day in New York on the 10- 11 of November (booth # 1438).

Advancing Skin-Care products to greener standards

In response to increasing consumer backlash to the use of synthetic chemicals, the industry has witnessed a proliferation of offbeat indie beauty brands promoting novel clean label concepts. House-hold brands are also vying to green-up their product portfolios. However, this quest has not come without its hurdles. One of the greatest challenges facing cosmetic formulators is finding a regulatory valid preservation technique that can align with consumer demand for holistic skin-kind, earth-kind products. Till now the use of synthetic antimicrobial agents such as parabens and aldehydes and are still largely necessary.

Cosmetic manufacturers are also having to strike the balance between the strive to produce botanically derived, sustainable eco-supportive products without hindering the performance and pleasure aspects of skin-care products such as smell, texture and shelf-life. Moreover, the bioactivity of the natural actives is often compromised by the need to include preservatives. For instance, manufacturers of probiotic infused skin care concepts that are now trending, are currently exploring antimicrobial preservative solutions that can exert minimal impact on the probiotic activity. 

“The standard antimicrobial preservation systems currently on the market tend to be harsh on the skin and by nature destroy all the microbes,” says Itamar Levy, CEO of SYNERGIO. “We can offer cosmetic formulators and brands new abilities to deliver truly clean, and sustainable, better-for-you products without forfeiting on shelf-life or the sensorial experiences that personal care products are purposed to bring.”

SYNERGIO is disrupting the space having developed an industry-first microbiome friendly technology that is also a preservation system and derived from 100% ethically sourced botanical INCI

Unraveling Plant Synergies

Taking inspiration from the natural self-protection mechanisms of the plant world, the company leverages its EcoDato™ proprietary, chemistry-based computational platform to garner a deep understanding of plant synergies and emulates these interactions in a lab setting. SYNERGIO says it uses the EcoDato to develop botanically sourced bio-active synergies that can deliver the desired antimicrobial effects without any side effects. The actives are assembled in tailored combinations to serve the life extension needs of specific cosmetic formulations yet without modifying their innate biochemical structures. 

“Micro targeting microbes is the core of our technology”

 “The micro targeting of microbes is the core of our technology,” adds Levy. “We found a way of targeting and destroying specific harmful bacteria while keeping the friendly bacteria intact. This awards the added advantage of protecting the delicate microbiome of the skin without hampering their natural immune functions.” 

Headquartered in Jerusalem, SYNERGIO is led by a team of chemists and microbiologists who dedicated much of the last decade in intensive R&D. “Our goal is to reshape the global CPG skin care space with more holistic functional components and to transform the perception of preservatives from being an unavoidable liability into becoming an asset,” adds Dr. Rachel Lutz, Technical Sales Director of SYNERGIO.


Founded in 2009, the company started as a B2C company of toiletries for babies using all natural ingredients. It was during the development of their formula in the search for a natural preservative that the company hit the holy grail of cosmetics formulations with the discovery of a natural preservation system. This spurred the company to switch its focus on B2B production of antimicrobial solutions for cosmetic and personal care companies.

Its first BiomEco 94 composition has already been snapped up by a multinational consumer goods company for infusioninto their new beauty product line. BiomEco 94 is specially designed for emulsion-based formulas, such as lotions and creams. The company says it is working on new compositions and will branch out to a wider scope of personal care products as well as food matrices. on November 17th SYNERGIO will give a free webinar about Transforming Preservatives - From a Liability to an Asset!

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