Cosphatec GmbH is expanding its diol range with two new natural diols: Cosphaderm® Heptiol natural and Cosphaderm® Octiol natural. The two COSMOS- and NATRUE approved multifunctionals offer a wide range of applications in skin and hair care thanks to their pH-value independence. 

Cosphaderm® Heptiol natural comes with an attractive, newly listed 1,2-Heptanediol INCI.  As a clear, colourless diol, it offers a remarkable clear solubility of up to 1 % in water, making it ideal for use as a humectant and moisturiser in almost all types of formulations.  Cosaphderm® is already liquid at room temperature and therefore does not need to be melted, thus ensuring easy processing. In addition, Cosphaderm® Heptiol natural provides strong antimicrobial activity against a wide range of relevant microorganisms even at low use concentrations of 0,8 – 1,0 %.

Cosphaderm® Octiol natural is a medium-chain diol and is soluble in water at a concentration of up to 0,5 %. Like Cosphaderm® Heptiol natural, it has moisturising and skin-caring properties. Cosphaderm® Octiol natural is the most antimicrobial water-soluble diol in the Cosphatec product portfolio. With an even lower application concentration of 0,3 to 0,5 %, it convinces with its highly efficient strong antimicrobial protection against potentially pathogenic bacteria, yeasts and moulds. 

The two new diols can increase the stability of emulsions by reducing particle sizes and consequently reduce the need for further stabilisers.

The two new products will be presented for the first time at SEPAWA in Berlin (26 - 28 October) at the Cosphatec company booth C415/416. Interested parties can get advice from the experts and get to know the entire product portfolio.

You can find more information about the diols on our website.

From the early beginnings Cosphatec GmbH focuses on naturally preserving modern cosmetics and hence to cover the fundamental needs of cosmetic formulators in terms of microbial and antioxidative stability, as well as stability for emulsions and viscosity. At the company natural substances and skin tolerance are equally important. Therefore, the industry expert uses biodegradable raw materials that come from sustainable and natural sources. To guarantee the best possible effects on the skin, the ingredients are tested according to highest German quality standards. The natural raw materials are vegan, non-GMO and the core products are also approved by COSMOS and NATRUE. Their product range goes from natural multifunctionals and mild preservatives to antioxidants as well as natural emulsifiers and emollients. Furthermore, Cosphatec offers not only actives but also natural thickening and gelling agents.   

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