On a mission to build a future where all beauty products are made from upcycled ingredients, The Upcycled Beauty Company has launched a brand new, plant-based active ingredient for hair care applications manufactured from a by-product of hummus production. Faba TONIQ® is named after aquafaba, the liquid leftover from cooked chickpeas, and complements the existing range of upcycled water-soluble actives that include Gin TONIQ® and Barley TONIQ®.

Faba TONIQ® is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, polypeptides and amino acids which help to style and condition the hair, delivering better hair manageability, easier detangling, and sleeker, longer-lasting curls. Its usability in multiple hair textures and curl types has been recognised by different consumers. “Faba TONIQ® gave my hair a natural hold, helped define my curls and also left my hair feeling super conditioned, which I don’t get with other styling products,” said Vanessa.

“As well as long-lasting hold, my hair was more manageable when using Faba TONIQ®, with additional anti-humidity benefits,” Kiyaan added.

Backed by ex-vivo studies, the film-forming natural polymers have been proven to have a curl retention effect on the hair. This zero waste TONIQ® has been shown to achieve tighter, and noticeably sleeker curls when compared with water. Further studies revealed that the retention of curls significantly increases after a single application and has a 48 hour effect, delivering additional benefits such as conditioning and frizz control.

“Faba TONIQ® demonstrates that the beauty industry can waste less without compromising product quality or performance.

“Approximately 12 million tonnes of chickpeas are produced every year, and the ever-growing popularity of hummus is prompting more and more manufacturers to yield the crop. But with mass production, comes waste. By identifying an industry that creates unused waste products, we work to help beauty and personal care brands transition towards a circular economy.” – Harry McIlwraith, General Manager, The Upcycled Beauty Company.

This is now available globally - please contact hello@upcycledbeauty.com.

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