WorléeSoft Beads Red B3 1H2 is the latest novelty in the WorléeSoft Beads collection. Infused with Ni- acinamide, a potent form of Vitamin B3, this new product is here to revolutionize skincare products. Niacinamide, known for its remarkable benefits, takes center stage in our new formula and is more than just a beauty trend. This superhero ingredient is known to gently stimulate skin's cells, resulting in a more radiant, youthful appearance. It is said to help reduce blemishes, soften redness and even out skin texture, giving niacinamide a regenerating, soothing and regulating effect on the skin.

With a Natural Origin Content of 99.4%, WorléeSoft Beads Red B3 1H2 boast an eco-conscious approach. They are vegan and easy to use. WorléeSoft Beads Red B3 1H2 are a perfect add-on for both leave-on and rinse-off products. They are available in sizes S and M.

Benefits of WorléeSoft Beads Red B2 1H2 at a glance:

  • Visual effects create a purchasing incentive for customers  99.4% Natural Origin Content according to ISO 16128
  • Easy, dust-free incorporation
  • Loaded with Niacinamide
  • Highlight Vitamin B3 in your product
  • Ride the latest cosmetic trend wave

WorléeXtra Lipid Fucus is a marine extract that combines the essence of North Atlantic Ocean brown algae, Fucus vesiculosus, with RSPO-certified Caprylic/ Capric Triglyceride sourced from sustainable palm oil. Our product not only sets the highest standards for quality, but also for transparency, and sustainability in the marine extract industry.

Based on high-quality dried raw material, WorléeXtra Lipid Fucus is produced through a cold extraction process, boasting minimal energy consumption to reduce the environmental footprint. We also employed environmentally friendly solvents. With a natural origin content of 100%, WorléeXtra Lipid Fucus embodies pure, unadulterated nature.

With WorléeXtra Lipid Fucus in the cosmetic formula, cosmetics manufacturers harness the vitality of the ocean and unlock the potential of marine wellness, embracing the botanical power of nature.

Benefits of WorléeXtra Lipid Fucus at a glance:

  • High quality marine raw material
  • Transparency in supply chain
  • Reliable and sustainable natural source
  • Cold extraction process
  • Suitable for minimalistic skin care
  • Natural Origin Content of 100%
  • Environmental benefits compared to land plants
  • Rich in high value ingredients
  • Preservative free

From 27-28 September 2023, Worlée is presenting these special innovations and many more great prod- ucts at HPCI Central and Eastern Europe in Warsaw at booth 331. We will also be exhibiting at Sepawa Congress in Berlin from 25-27 October (booth A167-168).

About Worlée-Chemie

As a supplier, refiner and producer, Worlée supplies customers all over the world with high-quality chemical, natural and cosmetic raw materials. Our drive for increased sustainability, our innovative strength and our creativity in finding individual solutions is what sets us apart from the rest. The highest quality standards, comprehensive tech- nical expertise and an intuitive feel for trends and market developments make us a trustworthy and reliable partner for our customers' success.

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