SpecBio® SQ, introduced by SpecChem, is plant-based squalene obtained through innovative fermentation methods.  This remarkable product serves as a powerful ingredient in personal care, delivering exceptional moisturizing, nourishing, protective, and rejuvenating properties. It showcases impressive anti-oxidation and anti-aging capabilities. Moreover, SpecBio® SQ  exhibits notable anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and immune enhancement effects on the skin, aiding it in combatting various external and internal stresses, including microbial contamination, hypoxia, and UV radiation. This safe and versatile ingredient finds utility across diverse applications and is ideal for mature, stressed, photoaged, dry skins, including sensitive and eczema-prone skins.  SpecChem employs cutting-edge biosynthetic techniques to produce SpecBio® SQ, ensuring its affordability without compromising high specifications and stable quality. This sustainable approach not only enhances production efficiency at a reduced cost, but also minimizes adverse impacts on the environment and particularly, shark populations.

Spec-Chem Group

Good quality comes from qualified materials
Since established in 1995, Spec-Chem Group has always upheld the principle-Good quality comes from qualified materials, committing to the perfect integration of science and technology, promoting a revolution of cosmetic industry, as well as redefining consumers imagination and expectations for beauty.

Spec-Chem Group, as the state-level high-tech enterprise, constantly provides our world-wide customers high-quality cosmetic ingredients, holistic application solutions and reliable efficacy evaluations. Spec-Chem Group will continue to contribute to the worldwide innovation and breakthrough of beauty business.

Better quality, better service and better future
Spec-Chem Group had passed the certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System and the SA8000 system for Social Responsibility Management. As a member of the RSPO organization, Spec-Chem Group implemented all standardized management systems into R&D, production, quality control testing, application research, efficacy testing and the sales process, thereby strongly guaranteeing product quality.


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