When science and nature work together, you find HARMONIE™. 

Momentive Performance Materials, Inc. (Momentive), a global high-performance silicones and specialty solutions company, presents HARMONIETM GB-2301 blend – a new ingredient that further expands Momentive’s range of high-performance, naturally-derived ingredients for the beauty and personal care industry. 

The HARMONIE™ product range combines Momentive’s world-leading technical expertise with naturally derived plant and mineral feedstocks. This winning combination delivers more sustainable, high-performance personal care ingredients with a higher content from biobased renewable feedstocks. 

HARMONIETM GB-2301 blend is an ultra-high molecular weight silicone gum delivered in a light volatile carrier that is naturally derived and biodegradable. The ingredient has a Natural Origin Index of 0.57 (ISO 16128) and is an ideal alternative to silicone gum blends based on volatile silicones such as Cyclopentasiloxane (D5), especially considering upcoming European regulatory changes. 

As a silicone gum blend, HARMONIETM GB-2301 blend provides exceptional conditioning and sensory benefits in color cosmetics, hair, skin, and sun care products. 

Sensory evaluation tests compared HARMONIETM GB-2301 blend against Cyclopentasiloxane based gum blends in hair serums and oils. The results showed HARMONIETM GB-2301 blend to be an ideal alternative with closely matched performance during and after application. A comparison of hair shine and frizz control also showed no loss of performance, which further supports replacing traditional silicone gum blends with HARMONIETM GB-2301 blend due to its higher naturality index. 

“We are focused on developing innovations that enable a more effective, sustainable future for generations to come. In Beauty and Personal Care, this means that Momentive will continue to develop its naturally derived ingredients portfolio offering comparable performance to silicone-based ingredients,” said Jose-Luis Conde, VP & Global Segment Leader, Personal Care. 

To learn more about HARMONIE, visit: https://www.harmoniebymomentive.com/. 

About Momentive 

Momentive is a premier global advanced materials company with a cutting-edge focus on silicone and specialty products. We deliver technologies, solutions, and processes designed to propel our customer’s products forward—products that have a profound impact on everyday life from dawn to dusk, and from living rooms to outer space. With every innovation, Momentive aims to create a more sustainable future. Our vast product portfolio is made up of advanced silicone solutions that play an essential role in driving performance across a multitude of industries, including agriculture, automotive, aerospace, electronics, personal care, consumer products, building and construction, and more. 

Momentive Performance Materials, Inc. is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of MOM Holding Company and is one of the largest producers of silicones and silicone derivatives. Additional information about Momentive and its products is available at https://www.momentive.com/en-us. 


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