With its latest product innovation, Cosphatec GmbH, an expert in natural preservation, now offers an even more comprehensive portfolio of antioxidants. 

Cosphaderm® Tocopharin is the latest innovation from the Hamburg-based company. The antioxidant blend, which protects both the oil phase of a formulation and the skin from oxidative stress, consists of carnosic acid derived from rosemary, mixed tocopherols and organic sunflower oil. Cosphaderm® Tocopharin is an easy-to-integrate blend with no impact on the odour or appearance of a formulation. Mixed tocopherols are widely used as highly effective natural antioxidants for protection of oil and fat components susceptible to oxidation. Carnosic Acid provides additional antioxidative activity not only enhancing the stabilisation of cosmetic formulations, but also protecting the skin from oxidative stress by displaying anti-aging and anti-UV-damage properties. 

Due to the combination of the two antioxidant substances tocopherol and carnosic acid, only low application concentrations from 0.1% Cosphaderm® Tocopharin are necessary to ensure excellent product protection. The outstanding effectiveness of Cosphaderm® Tocopharin in protecting oils against rancidity has been demonstrated in Rancimat tests in comparison with the industry standard mixed tocopherol. At the same concentration of 0.2%, Cosphaderm® Tocopharin can achieve an increased increase in stability. 

In order to substantiate the antioxidant effect of Cosphaderm® Tocopharin in the skin, an in vitro study was conducted in which the amount of reactive oxygen species in human keratinocytes was measured. Compared to the untreated sample, Cosphaderm® Tocopharin was able to reduce the ROS level (Reactive Oxygen Species, abbreviated ROS) by 26% compared to the reference materials mixed tocopherol and the synthetic standard antioxidant butylhydroxytoluene (BHT). These results confirm a pronounced skin cell-protecting effect of Cosphaderm® Tocopharin against UV-induced oxidation processes. 

The product will be presented to the public for the first time at in-cosmetics global in Paris (16 - 18 April) at the Cosphatec company booth 2F88. Interested parties can get advice from the experts and familiarise themselves with the entire product portfolio. 

Further information about our raw materials can be found on our website. 

From the early beginnings Cosphatec GmbH focuses on naturally preserving modern cosmetics and hence to cover the fundamental needs of cosmetic formulators in terms of microbial and antioxidative stability, as well as stability for emulsions and viscosity. At the company natural substances and skin tolerance are equally important. Therefore, the industry expert uses biodegradable raw materials that come from sustainable and natural sources. To guarantee the best possible effects on the skin, the ingredients are tested according to highest German quality standards. The natural raw materials are vegan, non-GMO and the core products are also approved by COSMOS and NATRUE. Their product range goes from natural multifunctionals and mild preservatives to antioxidants as well as natural emulsifiers and emollients. Furthermore, Cosphatec offers not only actives but also natural thickening and gelling agents.           


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