Vytrus Biotech, the company specialized in active ingredients derived from plant biotechnology for the cosmetic industry, has launched at in-cosmetics Global in Paris its latest research on plant exosomes for skin and hair care based on plant biotechnology and brings the concept of Exosomic Peptides to the cosmetic industry.

Exosomes are also known as Ectosomes or Small Extracellular Vesicles (sEVs), bounded by a lipid membrane that are naturally secreted by cells. Exosomes contain DNA, RNA, lipids, proteins, cytokines, transcription factor receptors, heat shock proteins, enzymes, antioxidants and other bioactive compounds.

Vytrus envisions exosomes as “natural biological communicators” that carry packs of relevant biological information. Within the cosmetic industry, exosomes bring different beneficial properties: anti-inflammatory and well-ageing effect, immunomodulatory properties, healing, hydration, synthesis of extracellular matrix proteins (collagen, elastin, etc.), skin protection, microbiota modulation, regeneration and skin homeostasis, amongst others.

Lately, there has been a blast in the cosmetic industry around synthetic/biomimetic exosomes (synthetically produced vesicles with exosome-like functions and structurally very different). Meanwhile, Vytrus has just unveiled natural plant exosomes structurally intact with all its rich content, transferred from the plant to the human body thanks to cosmetics. These plant exosomes are structurally like mammalian exosomes, so they can penetrate and deliver molecular information to our human cells very effectively, allowing the Cross-kingdom Communication in cosmetics.

The biotech company has demonstrated to produce and characterize real plant exosomes from plant cell cultures through its biotechnology platforms. Its plant cell cultures show a high exosome concentration vs traditional plant sources reaching levels of billions of exosomes/ml. Thanks to Vytrus’ technology platforms, it is possible to customize and guide the plant cells to produce different kind of exosomes for skin and hair care.

The Curcuma longa cell cultures developed by Vytrus Biotech include a high concentration of exosomes at a billion level. Those exosomes have very interesting applications in the improvement of skin hydration and regeneration, as well as the hair density increase and delay of hair loss.

Vytrus has also developed Centella asiatica cell cultures with a high billion-level concentration of exosomes as well. Those natural exosomes have the potential to encapsulate and protect compounds of interest such as growth factors, proteins and peptides. This Centella exosomes are able to activate patterns of expression of cutaneous genes related to ageing, the skin barrier and hydration in keratinocytes (increased expression of type I collagen, inhibition of elastase, etc.) with powerful regenerative and anti-wrinkle effects on the skin. A cocktail of properties that lead to the reversal of the cell senescence.

In its aim of advancing the latest cosmetic science, Vytrus has also looked at what is inside its plant exosomes. After a profound research, the biotech company has found an astonishing diversity of plant peptides within its natural plant exosomes’ content, coined by Vytrus as “Exosomic Peptides” for the first time in cosmetics. This great diversity of different peptides identified in Vytrus’ exosomes bring a huge cocktail of natural plant peptides with anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-wrinkle activities, amongst others.

These exosome-based active ingredients of Vytrus are highly effective on the skin and hair and have great potential for innovation in cosmetics thanks to a sustainable plant biotechnology that is shifting the focus of consumers’ demand in their skin and hair care routines. Discover this latest Innovation by contacting the technical team of Vytrus Biotech.

Vytrus Biotech is a company specialized in the development, production and commercialization of high added value active ingredients based on plant biotechnology for cosmetic and dermocosmetic industry. Positioning as a pioneer in the use of this technology for business purposes gives Vytrus Biotech a solid foundation on which to build a sustainable competitive advantage. Through this technology, it is possible to obtain natural, patentable, and efficient products. Vytrus has a team of 40 employees in its headquarters in Terrassa (Barcelona, Spain) and is present in Europe, USA, LATAM and Asia, among others, through its international network of distributors. The biotech company has been awarded with 7 international innovation awards for its active Photobiome™, two Best Ingredient Awards at in-cosmetics Latin America and Asia 2022 for its active Elaya Renova™, double ‘Best Ingredient Award’ worldwide at in-cosmetics Global 2020 for two of its ingredients (Kannabia Sense™ and Deobiome Noni™), ‘Gold Best Ingredient Award’ at in-cosmetics Global 2019 for its active Olea Vitae™, amongst other cosmetic awards worldwide.  www.vytrus.com

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