Givaudan, the global leader in fragrance and beauty, is thrilled to present Nympheal™, a remarkable molecule with a robust white floral profile. For decades, Givaudan has been at the forefront of muguet aldehydes. Nympheal™ offers exceptional olfactive performance and provides the broadest offering from a regulatory perspective. It reflects Givaudan’s ongoing efforts to develop new and exciting products, demonstrating our commitment to innovation.

Nympheal™ is a fresh and opulent muguet ingredient with a hint of linden blossom, adding volume, floral creaminess, and excellent diffusion to fragrance compositions. Offering a bloom effect in water applications, its versatility will enable perfumers to create various cross-category applications and can be used it in all olfactory directions. All in all, Nympheal™ is a unique ingredient that combines the best olfactive and technical qualities of other muguet molecules.

“It is a delight to share this molecule with customers, as it opens up new possibilities for creating memorable and long- lasting fragrances. Nympheal™ is the result of collaboration between Givaudan’s researchers, perfumers, and regulatory experts, showcasing their dedication and expertise in developing ingredients that make a difference to fragrance compounds.”

Paul-Erwan Camenen, Head of Fragrance Ingredients Business 

In alignment with the Company’s sustainability goals, Nympheal™ is a biodegradable molecule that follows the guidelines set by the OECD. It was developed according to the Principles of Green Chemistry, and in line with a Safe by Design™ approach. Givaudan is committed to continuously enhancing its range of fragrance ingredients by incorporating biodegradable materials. Satisfying the sustainability expectations of consumers’ today, Nympheal™ is another example of a tailored solution creating for happier and healthier lives.

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