sofw journal 10-2011

Detergents / Surfactants
D.P. Bockmühl
Laundry Hygiene at Low Temperatures – Insights and Challenges
L.B. Mathisen
Cellulases Clean, Maintain, and Restore Clothes
M. Sajitz, J. Grohmann
Hygiene Effects of Bleach Systems in Laundry Detergents 
B. Hénault, C. Gomes de Freitas, Ch. Simon
A New Silicone Foam Control Technology for Single-Rinse Fabric Softeners 
M. Bayer, G. Schlippe, W. Voss
The Mascara Volume Test (MVT) – A Method for Determining the Quantitative Efficiency
G. Blume
New Vesicles Based on Natural Lipids
S. Bänziger, B. Obermayer
Perilipin – A Target for Silhouette Refining
N. Subirats, P. Castán
PEG-4 Rapeseedamide – A »Unique« Low Viscous Concentrated Ethoxylated Fatty Acid Monoethanolamide for Personal Care
hpci congress middle east and eurasia
Istanbul, Turkey, June 1-2, 2011 event report
Raw Materials
SymSol® PF-3 – A PEG-free Solubilizer 
PROTEOLA® – A New Source of Strenght to Rebalance the Signs of Time 
»Renewable Squalane« is ECOCERT
SYNTRAN® PC 5620 for Water-based Nail Polishes 
EPS Seafill – Immediate Mattyfing Ingredient 
Dazzling Delight with Three New Metallic Pigments
Milk’nLift® – A Tensor Active Ingredient 
Mild Baby Shampoo 
Bodywash Cashmere Intensive Care
Market Report
A Look at Skin- and Haircare in China’s C&T Market
Company News
KitoZyme & Clariant Have Entered Into a Partnership in the Personal Care Sector
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