sofw journal 7-2010

S. Feiler, Ph. Solot, U. Osterwalder
Comprehensive Statistical Evaluation of SPF Testing Methods
D. Lenz, J. Vollhardt, D. Imfeld, H. Moser
Product Optimization for Self Tanning Products – How Consumer Market Research and Detailed Understanding of the Characteristics of the Self Tanning Ingredients Lead to Better Consumer Products
D. Djerassi
Natural Carotenoids For Year-Round Protection Against Environmental Stress
G. Giancarlo
Increasing Skin Protection by a Combination of a Disaccharide with a Vegetable Origin Fraction
A. Ciesielska
Bisabolol and its Activity
D. Milczarek
Horse Chestnut Triterpenes 
SEPAWA Congress 2010 
13.-15. October 2010, Fulda, Germany Program
Innovation Amid Solar Storms and Vitamin D Winters
Raw Materials
Cayoma® Grapefruit – Cell-longevity by Means of Effective Detoxification 
The First Cosmetic Product with Organic Seaweeds 
UV Filters that Adapt to Solar Intensity Developed by Swiss Tech Company
dGlyage™ – Protects DNA from Glycation a Step Before
XIAMETER® – Sun Care Cream Prototype Formulation
Lumene – Natural Firmness and Youth for the Skin
Society News
Constitution of COSMOS-Standard AISBL .
Summer Public Education Effort Launched to Warn Consumers of Risks Posed by Nanosunscreens
7th ISSA World Congress Sustainable Pavement Preservation, October 13, 2010, Lyon, France
interpack 2011: Change in Management Team
Company News
Cognis Owners Decide to Sell Shares to BASF
Akzo Nobel Global Personal Care Appoints New Hair Care Project Leader
Beraca Allies with Dr. Straetmans for Distribution in Germany and Austria 
Azelis is Launching a New Web Site 
All About Lanolin at IOI’s New Website
Authors’ Guidelines
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