sofw journal 10-2007

S. Treibel
Sensory in the Product Development Process
H. Napierala, B. Jakobs, M. Brock
High Performance Rinse-off Products with Beneficial Application Properties
I. Quargentan, A. Occelli
Allergenic Substances in Fragrances – Validation and Implementations of the GC/MSD Method 
P. Bellon, a. Gonzalez, C. Carrasco, J. Devismes
The Touch of Seduction
P. Hehn
Scent Impact Research Applied in Marketing 
F.-W. Gerberding
Does the Global Economy Make Medium-Sized Companies Obsolete?
I. Hütter, J. Erasm, N. Boyxen
Looking for »Green« Alternatives in Skin Cleansing? New Concepts – Mild & Easy to Formulate
B. Nerowski, B. Höschler
Assessment of the Cleaning Performance of Dishwasher Detergents by the Use of Digital Image Analysis on Curvilinear Surfaces 
German Cosmetic, Toiletry, Perfumery and Detergent Association (IKW)
What will change for cleaning products as a result of the Globally Harmonised System (GHS) of classification and labelling?
S. Knape
Advanced Emulsification Technologies in Practice
Amaranth oil soap
Refreshing gel
Sensual massage butter
Beauty Eurasia, June 12-15, Istanbul, Turkey
in-cosmetics, April 15-17, 2008, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Society News
SEPAWA – The European Meeting point for the Chemical Industry
Industry supports decision to work toward common North American regulations for chemical substances
European Silicones Association CES Launches Lab-Link
Market Report
New Report Estimates that the Total Output Value of China’s Beauty Industry will Exceed RMB 300 Billion by 2010
Company News
Cosmetochem & Lipoid form partnership in personal care 
Symrise acquires Unilever Food Ingredients Business in UK 
BASF boosts sales and earnings 
Beiersdorf: Men’s cosmeticsm moves the Nivea group forward
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