sofw journal 11-2023

Personal Care
D. Leistl, S. Kiese, A. Springer

Cosmetic Ingredients with the Power of Plant Defense Mechanisms

G. Fattorini, E. Altieri

User-Friendly Ceramide to Rebuild the Skin

C. Gonindard, P. Warnault, A. Salwinski, N. Rombaut, A. Guillaumin, B. Leyre, S. Delaunois, B. Mignard, H. Chajra, M. Frechet, A. Werle

Tackling Under-Eye Dark Circles with a Responsibly Sourced Root Extract

L. von Oppen-Bezalel, J. S. Jurenka

Superiority of a Standardized Black Seed Oil versus a Non-Standardized Black Seed Oil on Acne Mechanisms and Occurrence

Home Care
A. Gripp, B. Dery, O. Forsberg, W. Kleijne

Formulating for Professional Automotive Cleaning



SOFW award 2023

event report: HPCI CEE 2023


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