sofw journal 1/2-2007

K. Jung, M. Sacher, G. Blume, F. Janßen, Th. Herrling
How Active are Biocosmetic Ingredients?
M. Axterer, M. Herrmann, I. Meyer, H. Franke, C. Müller
Organic – A Global Trend
A. Bourliataux
Natural Active Ingredients to Enhance Skin Wellness and Beauty 
V.-P. Judin, N- Grönqvist, B. Yang
Compositional and Functionality Characteristics of Natural Ingredients Originating from the Arctic Region
F. Bidamant, F. Gafner, F. Paul
Benefiting Society Through Organic and Certified Products
N.E. Kinkade
Where Beauty is Skin Deep: Numerous Benefits of Phytolipids 
U. Griesbach. S. Buchwald-Werner
Holistic Wellness, Beauty and Food – Cosmetics and Beauty Food
E. Desmarthon, S. Goldblum
Colourful Natural Make up
E. Reiter
Gemstones in Cosmetics – Ancient Knowledge in Modern Form 
T. Rea, A. Boscolo
Incrustations Forming on Heating Elements of Washing Machines in Different Washing Conditions
Company Profile
K. Raabe
KEMIRA & IFAC – Insitute for Applied Colloid Technology
Event Report
Creativity & Knowledge: International Conference in Bratislava
Raw Materials
Ultra-fine Powder: More Opalescence & Better Dispersion
Evermat™: For a Matt Complexion and Tightened Pores
Mannaway®: An Effective Detergent Enzyme
AQ 385 Water-Dispersible Polymer Improves Water Resistance of Sunscreens 
Adandrine®: For a Long-lasting Antidandruff Action 
Aerogel Silica Particles and Beads: Efficient Thickeners and Sebum Absorbers 
Gamma Tocopherol: The »Lighter« Side of Vitamin E
Event / -report
Personal Care Ingredients Asia, 13 – 15 March 2007, Guangzhou, China
EFfCI Annual Conference 2006, Paris: Openess and Dialogue 
Company News
Nature and Technology, Working Together for a Natural Beauty 
Nature for Natural Beauty
ISP Acquires Cosmetic Ingredient Developer – Vincience 
Mäurer + Wirtz to Purchase Traditional Brands from Muelhens 
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