sofw journal 4-2006

R. Ismail, S. Ahmad
Skin Care Formulation Incorporating Natural Moisturising Factor and its Efficacy on Asian Skin 
J.M. Garica-Antón
The Scientific Response to Different Types of Wrinkles
T. Callaghan, K.-P. Wilhelm
Is Cellulite an Aging Phenomenon?
V. Maienschein
Anti-Cellulite Products Attuned to Skin Type 
M. Herrmann, H. Joppe, H. Franke
Blackberry Leaf Extract: A New Anti-Aging Active 
M. Sacher, G. Blume, U. Bakowsky, K. Jung
Antioxidative Penetration Efficacy of Liposomally Encapsulated Coenzyme Q10
D. Rival, N. Terry, S. Bonnet, B. Sohm, E. Perrier, A. Coleman
Nanosized Particles Based on Beta-cyclodextrin Esters 
R.-D. Petersen, A. Hommoss, M. Peter, R.H. Müller
Nanostructured Lipid Carrier – A Delivery System with Protective Functions 
M. Jouandeaud-Le-Guillou
Di- and Tripeptides: A New Approach to Skin Nutrition 
M. Leschke, S. Wüstermann
A Reliable Alternative for Traditional Preservative Systems
W. Eisfeld, R. Wachter, R. Stürmer, F. Schaefer, W. Boucsein
Perceivable Wellness Effects via a New Liposome Concept for Fabric Care
R. Nolles
L+ Lactic Acid: A BPD-Registered Anti-microbial Ingredient for Acidic Cleaners
Market Report
M. Lindahl
Household Care in Western Europe
Event Report
B. Ziolkowsky
Formulation Concepts with New Ingredients
Report of the Lehmann & Voss Seminar, Frankfurt, Germany
Raw Materials
Sense the Arctic Spring 
Pentapharm has won the Swiss Technology Award 2006 with SYN®-AKE
DSM Nutritional Products announced the addition of two new products for Personal Care
A new line of special-effect pigments 
Vit-A-Like – a botanical alternative to retinol
»Green« and trendy emulsifiers
A new range of natural active ingredient for men 
Products based on palm and Palm kernel oil
New silicone elastomer cosmetic powder effective in masing wrinkles 
Society News
EFfCI publishes a Good Manufacturing Practice Guide for Cosmetic Ingredients 
Spring cleaning still in season for most Americans
Company News
Merck KGaA announces takeover offer for Schering AG
Cognis Care Chemicals: a new approach for a holistic product experience themed »Feelosophy« 
Symrise acquires Kaden Biochemicals
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