sofw journal 10-2005

H.G. Hauthal
New Challenges in Cleaning Processes and Products: Nanostructured Surfaces
E. Kreß
Spotless and Hygienically Clean with Active Oxygen
P.H. Nielsen
Life Cycle Assessment Supports Cold-Wash Enzymes
New Developments in Detergents, Washing Aids and Cleaning Products 
I. Stussi et al
Argania spinosa – How Ecological Farming, Fair Trade and Sustainability Can Drive the Research for New Cosmetic Active Ingredients
Transparent Bar Soap Composition: Traditional Processes and New Developments 
E. Reiter
Neurocosmetic® for the Wellness of the Skin
G. Graff
How to Keep Plastics Odors Under Control?
Fragrance Report
Controlling the release of fragrance
Odor control
Cis-Jasmone changes the behaviour of insects and the physiology of plants
CT Special
M. Herzog, M. Selter
Polymers for Carpet Care
Aerosol News
Method for the aerosol pulverisation of liquid perfuming products: obtaining different odors
Compressed gas propelled aerosol devices
Hairspray compositions containing silicone block copolymers: maintaining the hold of hair style
Event Report
H.G. Hauthal
Surfactant Days Kiev 2004 – In Retrospect 
Company Profile
BTC Speciality Chemical Distribution continues on the road to success
New Developments
Measuring and Controlling Peracetic Acid Online
Economical Introduction into the World of Tensiometry
AirLess Motion System for Sensitive Ingredients
Vacuum Dissolvers for the Laboratory and Pilot Plant 
Raw Materials
Ayurveda Extrapone® for the Cosmetics Industry
New Solutions serving the Wellness Trend 
Polymers for Leather Care
The Global Economic Importance of China – with Excursion to the Cosmetics Market
Cosmeceuticals Summit 2006, March 23 - 24, Miami, Florida
Color Cosmetics Summit 2006, June 7 - 9, San Francisco, California 
6th World Conference on Detergents, 9 - 12 October 2006, Montreux, Switzerland
Chairman and CEO of Leo Burnett Worldwide to Address 2006 Detergents Conference 
Company News
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