sofw journal 7-2005

Sun Care
B.L. Diffey
The Changing Impact of Sunscreens in the Prevention of Melanoma 
K. Berg-Schultz et al.
Formulating High SPF Sun Care Products with a Liquid-Mineral UV Filter
F. Pflücker et al.
Complete Photo Protection – Going Beyond Visible Endpoints 
S. Müller et al.
Micronization as a Tool in the Development of Innovative UV Filters 
S. John et al.
Skin-Lightening Agent with Different Pathways of Action on Melanogenesis
J. Guth et al.
Safflower Oleosomes –
Natural, Multifunctional, Emulsifiers
H. Eggensperger et al.
Influence of cosmetic formulations on skin moisture 
15 Jears of Dermatronnier: VI. DERMADAYS
Raw Materials
Papaya Seed Oil
UV Absorber gives more than 8 hours protection from UVA and UVB
Effective MMP-9 Inhibitor
Coenzyme Q10+GPM Sun Care Ingredient 
Society News
An Contribution to the Cosmetic Industry Regulations on Allergenic Substances
Society of Cosmetic Chemists South Africa: Call for Papers »Cosmetic Reality – Message in a Bottle?« Medicine, Magic or Myth? 5th - 6th October 2005
Chemidex Launches Cybrary Enhancements 
Company News
Symrise to restructure divisions: Aroma Chemicals and Cosmetic Ingredients will become Symrise Sensory Ingredients 
Symrise restructures the Fragrance Division
Kemira, the first titanium dioxide producer, implementing GMP
Dermacia Inc. complets $10 million first round of private funding
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