sofw journal 9-2004

M. Herrmann, G. Vielhaber, H.-J. Bertram
Matrix Metalloproteinases in Skin Biology 
U. Wollenweber, K. Korevaar, A.V. Rawlings, U. Schick
Application of a Skin-Identical Lipid Concentrate for Enhanced Skin Moisturization and Protection
V. Gloaguen, P. Krausz
Plant Polysaccharides: A Biologically Active Class of Molecules 
T. Rudolph
UVA Protection Assessment of Sunscreens: A Critical Review on the UVA-to-UVB Aborsbance Ratio 
R.H. Müller, E.B. Souto, S. Gohla
Lipid Nanoparticles (Nanopearls®): A Novel Cosmetic Carrier
J. Klock
Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate still has Unexploited Potential in Cosmetics 
C. Schutz, J. Grousson
Caper Bud Extract: A new tool against cutaneous hypersensitivity
A.C. Dweck
A Review of Edelweiss
O/W Emulsions for Reconstituating Lamellarity of the Lipid Structure of Damaged Skin
H.G. Hauthal
A New Anionic Surfactant – Alkyl Polyglucoside Carboxylate 
Ant Spray Containing D-Limonene and Methods of Making and Using Same
Raw Materials
Botanical complex for aggressed male skin 
New standards in rheology modifiers for cosmetics
New nonionic surfactants offer enhanced performance
Dynamic surface tension at the touch of a button 
Sensitive analysis of PBDE, toxic chemical found in computer dust and household products 
Society News
SEPAWA-Report: SEPAWA and GDCh section detergent chemistry agree upon congress co-operation
Company News
Stan Chem International Ltd announces the formation of Inovia International
Engelhard acquires The Collaborative Group
Symrise: New website for China goes live 
A New Dimension in Face Care: The Synergy between Dermatology and Cosmetics 
Quantum Computing 
Evolutionary Methods in Biotechnology 
Author’s Guidelines
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