sofw journal 4-2004

H. Gers-Barlag, E. Klette, K.-P. Wittern
How Reproducible are in vitro Transmittance Measurements? 
I. Van Reeth, A. Urrutia
New Silicone-Based Solutions for Suncare
M. Jouandeaud, L. Moreau, Ch. Chauprade, N. Guichard, B. Closs, V. Gloaguen
Barrier Function and Dry Skin: Use of Rhamnogalacturonans as a new Therapeutic Strategy
M. Fröschle, R. Plüss, K. Bojarski, A. Peter
Antiaging Effect with Cosmotropic Substances 
A. Amari, Ch. Schubert
A New Functional Ingredient able to build up fluid system on the basis of Olive Oil
F.H. Schwartz, A. Haase
Fingerprint Sensor Technology
H. Eggensperger, P. Bauer
The Relevance of Zinc for Skin and Hair Care
EFfCI Working Group Ingredients of Natural Origin: Perfume and Aromatic Substances
M.Y. Pletnev
Vegetable-Derived Surfactants as a Reply to the Natural Trend in the Household and Personal Care – Part II
Raw Materials
Flowers & Fruit to fight fat and fade age-spots 
Beat the Heat: Silicones offer thermal protection for hair 
Rinse aids that go the distance
Glass-clear solutions for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors
Pepha®-Tight, a new skin tightener 
Company News
BASF increases support for the detergents and cleansers industry and formulators
SEPPIC has put its cosmetic formulary online
Ciba Specialty Chemicals further internationalizes its Executive Committee
New General Manager for the US operations of LCW/Sensient Cosmetic Technologies
Changes in human resources at TUNAP Plant II Lichtenau Germany 
Market Report
China’s Accession to the WTO Attracts Foreign Direct Investment and Increases Competition 
French women top cosmetics consumption 
Author’s Guidelines
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