sofw journal 1/2-2004

T. Tadros, M.-C. Taelman, S. Leonard
Principles of Formulation of Sprayable Emulsions 
L. Rigano, R. Leporatti
The »Miracle Question«: A New Approach to the Maze of Oil Phases 
D. Miller, T. Henning
PEGs as Shower Gel Additives – Effects on Foam and Skin Feel as indicated by Panel Tests
H. Eggensperger, P. Bauer
Percutaneous Absorption of Amino Acids into Human Skin
J. Meissner et al.
Comparative Studie of Dynamic Surface Tensions of C12EO6 Solutions Measured by Different Maximum Bubble Pressure Tensiometers 
C. Westmoreland, J. Fentem
Animal Testing in the Frame of New Legislation
Event Report
K. Raabe
The Formulator’s Event: SCS Formulate, Birmingham, November 11 - 12, 2003
Product of the Month
SOLAMER™ A new UV-absorbing Polymer for Hair Care Fomulation
Trend Report
BSB Trend Report: Raw Materials
Raw Materials / Products
Lasting Gloss for Surfaces 
Two new Xfast® stir-in-pigmentes 
New Polyester Emollients for Skin Care
Notification of Promidium 2
Film Forming Polymer for Water Resistance in Emulsion Sun Care Products
High-pressure Micro Water Jet and Fruit Powder 
Dry Emolient with Outstanding Performance
New Additive produces Lotus Effect® on Surfaces
Society News
Maison G de Navarre Young Scientist Prize 
Market Report
IKW Economic Press Conference: Sales improve in 2003 
Women Prefer Smaller Fragrance Flacons
Product Innovation Expands Applications of Thermoplastic Polymers
Personal Care Ingredients Asia: A Formulators Training Programme for Asia, 8th March, 2004, Guangzhou, China
Company News
News from the companies
CD seminars
Author’s Guidelines
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