Author Ò. Expósito, A. Guirado, D. Robustillo, A. Gallego, M. Mas, P. Riera, D. Luna, S. Laplana, T. Ruiz, K. Lingen
Journal Edition sofw journal 6-2020


The skin microbiota and the brain are connected through an existing natural pathway where the microbiota is the first step. The new active Kannabia SensePLF (INCI name: Cannabis Sativa Callus Lysate), is the first generation of Cannabis sativa plant stem cells and introduces the concept of in-situ postbiotic. Through its mechanism of action, the active modulates the skin commensal microbiota to produce a positive in-situ postbiotic cocktail that ignites the synthesis of happiness related neurochemicals from the skin that connects with the brain, turning into a well-being response and a healthier and stronger skin. Several in vitro
and in vivo trials have been carried out to demonstrate the skin well-ageing effect, positive brain activation and modulation of mood state thanks to the active ingredient.

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