Journal Edition sofw journal 7/8-2020


Most consumers are not applying enough sunscreen to achieve adequate sun protection against skin cancer [1]. At the same time, an evolving FDA Monograph, regional regulations, and consumer concerns over environmental impacts are shrinking the formulator’s toolbox to provide this protection, particularly in the United States. The recent surge of demand for inorganic mineral sunscreens, for example, is driven by a perception of safety, naturality, and favorable environmental impact. However, mineral formulas also have their aesthetic and safety challenges, and organic sunscreens remain the dominant technology due to their aesthetics, cost, and ease of application. To ensure consumer safety, it is critical that formulators leverage the full range of UV filters (both inorganic and organic), and supporting ingredients, to provide a wide range of choices and textures for safe, high SPF, broad spectrum protection. More diverse sunscreen options will enable consumers to find the right sunscreen for their skin needs and lifestyle, increasing use and reapplication to defend against skin cancer.

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