Journal Edition sofw journal 09-2021


Glycation-induced, Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) make a significant contribution to signs of skin ageing. In the pro-ageing skin care market, cosmetic antioxidants are often exploited for their ability to protect against free radicals and oxidative stress, but some of these ingredients also have potential to reduce or prevent the effects of glycation. DSM has conducted two new studies to explore the anti-glycation potential in a bioactive with proven antioxidant properties, ALPAFLOR® EDELWEISS CB [INCI Leontopodium alpinum extract] an extract of organically grown and ethically sourced Edelweiss plants. The first study demonstrated the ingredient’s ability to down-regulate accumulation of AGEs by up to 55% in skin cells in vitro and to activate the detoxifying enzyme named Gloxalase-1 (Glo-1), which plays a key role in protecting keratinocyte proteins against oxidative damage during skin ageing, by 65%. The second study demonstrated that the bioactive inhibited Collagen Type IV glycation by 67%.

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