Author I. Montaño, F. Wandrey
Journal Edition sofw journal 3-2018


Hair weathering is the deterioration of the hair shaft from root to tip and is the result of a series of cosmetic and environmental factors. Cosmetic practices such as brushing, combing, dyeing, straightening, perming, etc., as well as environmental factors such as exposure to UV light and polluted air can induce structural damage to the F-layer and the hair fiber. The cuticle becomes raised and porous, which exposes the cortex to further damage. A decrease in hair shine, color, elasticity and strength is observed, which eventually leads to hair damage. In different studies measured utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, a hair care ingredient that combines tara tannins derived from Caesalpinia spinosa pods and organic sunflower sprout extract (trade name KeraGuard), revealed a capacity to protect hair against free radicals and physical stresses. It was also shown to protect dyed hair from color fading and heat damage as well as to repair chemically treated hair.

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