In 1874, the same year that Monet showcased "Impression, Sunrise" and Strauss' "Die Fledermaus" debuted, the Seifensiederzeitung was first published in Leipzig, pioneering the global soap-making industry's literature. Hans Ziolkowsky later expanded its scope, leading to the SOFW Journal's current format.

From its inception, SOFW has been integral to the industry, connecting associations and professionals. Now, as a multimedia provider, the Journal offers SOFW 360°, a dynamic digital resource with an extensive article archive and video presentations, in German, English, and Korean editions.

Throughout our 150th year, we will be sharing stories from our heritage in each issue. Join us on our journey through the past and into the future of this industry.

About SOFW Journal

SOFW Journal, a stalwart in the soap, detergent, and cosmetics industries, continues to provide crucial insights and developments. As we embrace the digital era, our commitment to delivering expert content remains our primary target.

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