In recent years, consumers' interest in the ingredients contained in their cosmetic products has grown strongly. Various criteria such as INCI lists, ingredients, effects on the environment, naturalness, etc. play an important role.

Solubilizers are a difficult category to work with, as it is often still tricky to incorporate oily substances into the water phase. Therefore, natural solutions are of great interest in this regard.

Thanks to its expertise in green chemistry, Seppic offers SEPICLEAR G7™ (INCI: Heptyl Glucoside), a powerful non-ionic solubilizer derived from sugar/glucose and castor oil. SEPICLEAR G7™ is 100% natural¹, readily biodegradable² and COSMOS & Natrue certified. Being a concentrated liquid and cold processable, it is an energy-efficient solution. It is also odorless, colorless in formulations and resistant to extreme pH values.

Unlike other natural solubilizers, SEPICLEAR G7™ does not produce foam, which is an essential point when formulating cosmetic products such as toners, facial waters, perfumes or aqueous gels.

But not only due to its non-foaming properties it is a smart solution for e.g. micellar water: SEPICLEAR G7™ also increases the make-up removal performance of make-up remover formulations (tested on a W/O foundation compared to ethoxylated solubilizers) and thus improves the efficiency of cleansing.

It can also be used in dental care products due to good toxicological data.

Additionally, Seppic has recently re-explored the potential of SEPICLEAR G7™ and discovered its reinforcing preservative properties.

Seppic Table Sepiclear G7

Table 1: Results of the challenge test depending on two preservation systems and the percentage of SEPICLEAR G7™ used.

Thanks to challenge tests conducted in accordance with ISO 11930, it has been proven that SEPICLEAR G7™ can reduce the dosage of preservatives to achieve criterion A, whereas this would not be possible with the preservative alone at a low dosage. Therefore, formulators can use less preservative while maintaining the same protection.

Its preservative-enhancing properties can be explained by its hydrotropic property, which increases the solubility of preservatives in formulations and reduces water activity increasing the performance of preservatives.

With SEPICLEAR G7™, Seppic offers a natural solubilizer that not only allows the development of transparent products, but can also add value to various formulations thanks to its multifunctional properties and especially its new preservative booster properties.

¹ Natural Origin Content according to ISO 16 128
² According to OECD Guideline 301F, 82.25 % of degradation in 28 days, within the 10-day window.

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