Lubrizol Life Science Beauty (LLS Beauty) introduces Uplevity™ e-Lift peptide, a high-performing and sustainable tetrapeptide inspired by microcurrent devices that mimics the benefits of electrical stimulation on the skin for an upper face lifted appearance and reduced visibility of wrinkles. 

Today’s consumers want to achieve a new beauty aesthetic that blends the physical and digital worlds. This new “phygital" aesthetic emphasizes facial sculpting and is achieved by reshaping the face, raising the cheekbones and bringing increased attention to the eyes. Uplevity™ e-Lift peptide helps achieve this phygital aesthetic by mimicking the effect of microcurrent devices on the skin. In vitro, the result is increased collagen contraction and improved mitochondrial function, resulting in firmer skin and better muscle tone, similar to microcurrent stimulation. After one month of treatment with the active ingredient, volunteers achieved a microcurrent-like upper face lifted appearance via a “triorbital” skin lift (supraorbital eyebrow and eyelid lift, orbital crow’s feet lift, and infraorbital upper cheek lift). Volunteers also presented a minimized appearance of wrinkles and a 13.1% reduction in wrinkle length in only seven (7) days, comparable to a commercial microcurrent device. 

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Available for skincare applications, formulations or rejuvenating solutions, Uplevity™ e-Lift peptide is an extension of the Uplevity™ peptide range, with the original material helping to reshape the lower face contour. 

To learn more about Uplevity™ e-Lift peptide or Uplevity™ peptide, visit the LLS Beauty website:

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