LLS Beauty

Experience Beautiful, Radiant “Yoga Skin” with Lubrizol’s Oxylance™ Advanced Botanical Ingredient
Experience Vibrant, Long-lasting Hair Color with Lubrizol’s Chromapol™ ColorPOP Polymer
Express your Emotions, Preserve your Beauty
Lubrizol Announces New Sustainably Sourced Resulook™ Advanced Botanical Ingredient
Lubrizol Announces PemuPur™ START Polymer Polymeric emulsifier for skin and sun care formulations
Lubrizol Announces Results of New Tests for Actizyme® Advanced Botanical Ingredient
Lubrizol Discovers New Benefit for Seascalp™ Biomarine Ingredient
Lubrizol Foresee Lab™ Combines Future Trends, Consumer Insights and Science to Shape the Future of Beauty
Lubrizol Introduces Beauty Beyond H2O
Lubrizol Introduces Carbopol® SC-800 Polymer for Mild and Sulfate-Free Cleansing Formulations
Lubrizol Introduces SilSenseTM Bio 5 Emollient
Lubrizol Introduces Sunnyworld: A Sun Care Collection
Lubrizol Introduces Uplevity™ e-Lift Peptide
Lubrizol Launches First Metaverse for Beauty Product Innovators
Lubrizol Leverages Social Listening and Artificial Intelligence to Develop New Cosmetic Formulations
Lubrizol Life Science Beauty’s SilSense™ Bio 5 emollient Wins Silver Make-up Bar Award at in-cosmetics® Global
Lubrizol Life Science Introduces Actismart™ SW extracts, Botanicals from Around the World
Lubrizol Paper on the Qualities of Oxylance™ Wins Award at Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists Conference
Lubrizol Pushes Sustainable Makeup Boundaries with Proven Performance and Alluring Textures
Lubrizol Sensomer™ Tara Polymer Enhances Customer Sensory Experience in Skin Care, Hair Care and Hair Color Formulations
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