sofw journal 10-2023

Personal Care
Home Care
R. Munk Vejborg, M. Kandzia, L. J. Nielsen, T. Wilke, T. Rechenbach, K. E. Thuesen, M. Weide

Deep-cleaning and Freshness for Sustainable Laundry with Dispersin

B. R. Wulff

A Simple Laboratory Method for Evaluating the Performance of Rinse Aids

A. Bhattacharya, E. Cooban, J. Gromadecki, I. Naseer, E. Pambou, L. Woollen

Modern Ready to Use Disinfecting Wipes – What You Need to Know

T. Bartolini, M. Ortega

Multifunctionals as Innovative Solutions for Formulating Modern Home Care Products

Sepawa News


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