Journal Edition sofw journal 5-2020


With its novel eco-conscious active ingredient, Sederma offers a natural and ultra-customised solution to the specific beauty concerns of olive complexions. AMBERSTEM™ is a plant cell culture extract of Buddleja davidii, known as the butterfly-bush, providing a new glow to olive-toned skin.
Olive complexion is associated with skin phototypes III to V, which are distributed worldwide among multiple ethnic groups.
This skin type is recognised as hypersensitive promoting pro-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, skin dullness and a greenish complexion.
This COSMOS-compliant active reduces skin pigmentation disorders, dullness and redness thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as well as its melanin production inhibiting attributes. AMBERSTEM™ also reinforces the skin barrier and improves hydration by stimulating the hyaluronic acid synthesis. A clinical study confirmed that AMBERSTEM™ leads to fading of dark areas and reduces skin redness within only one month of application. In addition, most of the volunteers perceived a decrease in the intensity of dark areas and recognised their skin as being more luminous and well moisturised.
This innovative active ingredient issued from the safe and eco-designed technology of plant cell culture, evens the skin tone and fades dark areas providing a lucent and healthy amber tone for olive complexions.

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