A New Fully Natural and Biodegradable Miracare® Opacifier for Laundry and Other Home Care Applications
BSB Innovation Award Environment ̶ Lipoid Kosmetik’s PhytoCollagen Wins yet Another Award
Formulating Personal Care and Detergent Products into Water Soluble Film
Henkel Employees Organize Plastic Collection Activities Worldwide
Henkel Extends Partnership with Plastic Bank
Henkel-Mitarbeiter organisieren weltweit Plastik-Sammelaktionen
How to Overcome the New Challenges in Sun Care
Iberchem Fragrance Technologies and Biodegradable Odour Neutralising Technology
Natural Minimalist Beauty, Multifunctional Ingredients and how LignoBase Can Be Your Key Ally
Performance, Safety and Sustainability – All in Tris-Biphenyl Triazine
Plant Milking Technology – The Sustainable and Ecological Approach to Unlock the Plant Roots Secrets
Polycitronellol – An Innovation in the World of Silicone Alternatives
Presentation | A Majority Biobased Surfactant Blend That is Easy to Formulate and Outperforms Standard Surfactants
Presentation | Addressing Sustainability With Waterless Formats in Consumer Products
Presentation | Green Secondary Cleaning into Household Detergents: BFS®-500 Series. Readily Biodegradable and Renewal Source
Presentation | Innovation in Sustainable Formulations for Home and Personal Care Applications
Presentation | Novel Nature Derived Polymeric System for Softness and Suspension in Fabric Softeners
SILAB Initiates a Project in Favor of Local Biodiversity
SILAB Receives the EcoVadis Platinum Medal
SILAB: ADAPTONYL® - Science and Ayurveda Combined for a Return to Natural Equilibria
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