Author I. Bonnet, T. Clarius, A. Courtois, K. Kulon
Journal Edition sofw journal 10-2021


As increasing emphasis is placed on the efficacy of skincare products, science is taking on an even more important role in the beauty industry, helping to provide consumers with solutions that help them not only look good, but feel great, too. One of the leading innovations in science-driven cosmetic ingredients trends is BASF’s MicroPatch® technology, which offers the opportunity to harness the power and boost the efficacy of active ingredients by controlling the time they are released on the skin, for longer-lasting positive effects. Throughout the years, the research team has continued to refine this technology further and expand its mode of action by integrating different actives that enable ever-evolving claims for skin care products. By now, BASF’s portfolio includes four highly effective MicroPatch products – and further innovations are in the works. The technology has the potential to meet an even wider range of consumer needs and applications, making it a leading light in the future of personalized skincare solutions.

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