Product Launch

Givaudan Active Beauty Launches Illuminyl™ 388, a Highly Potent Skin Brightening Prebiotic Paving the Way for Inclusivity
Givaudan Active Beauty Launches PrimalHyal™ Hydra[+], a Novel Hyaluronic Acid that Redefines the Hydration Gold Standard
Givaudan Active Beauty Tackles OxInflammation to Uphold Skin Health with Silybidiol™
Givaudan Active Beauty Unveils Neuroglow™, the Active that Captures the Molecular Power of the Sun
Givaudan Active Beauty Unveils PrimalHyal™ 50 Life, a Transformational Sustainability Breakthrough in Hyaluronic Acid Production
Givaudan Active Beauty Unveils Silk-iCare™, the Ultimate Vegan Biomimetic Silk for Skin Perfection
Givaudan Captures the Delight of Nature After the Rain with Geogaia™
Givaudan Fragrance Ingredients Business Introduces Nympheal™, a Game-changing Product for the Creation of White Floral Fragrances
Givaudan Launches Scentaurus™ Vanilla, Consolidating the Broadest Collection of Fragrance Precursors in the Industry
Givaudan's ScalpSure™ Combats the Root of Hair Malodour
Growth in Natural Diols: Cosphatec Launches Cosphaderm® Heptiol Natural and Cosphaderm® Octiol Natural
Growth in Natural Emulsifiers: Cosphatec Launches Cosphaderm® GS Connect
Improved Sustainability and Efficacy: BASF Personal Care Introduces New Version of its Pore-tightening Cosmetic Ingredient Laricyl®
Kao Chemicals Presents its New Mild, Natural and Versatile Surfactant with Superior Foam
Kao Launches EMANON EV-E BIO, a 100% Vegetable-based Surfactant for Hair and Skin Care
Kerasylium™: BASF Personal Care Launches Plant-based Alternative to Animal Keratin at in-cosmetics Global
Lipoid Kosmetik AG Launches New Herbasol® Plant Water Products for Natural Beauty Concepts
Lipoid Kosmetik AG Launches usNeo™– The Microbiome-Friendly Solution for Odor, Blemishes & Dandruff
Lipoid Kosmetik AG Offers a Precious Selection of Tea-Based Products for Cosmetic Use
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