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Hello Future – Hello SOFW: Potentielle Zukünfte, mein Held ‚Mr. Spock‘ & was hat das eigentlich mit Innovation zu tun?
Holistic Healthy Avocado Oil: Tasty, Healthy and Ecologically Valuable
How Germany Cleans: Housework between Social Norms and Sustainability
How In-line, Real-time Rheology Sensors Can Provide Agile Manufacturing in the Personal Care Sector
How to Answer the Hair Cycling Trend?
How to Increase Efficiencies in Cosmetic Emulsion Production While Simultaneously Reducing Emissions?
Hydrotrope Stoffe – wichtige Zusätze in Reinigungsformulierungen für Industrie und Institutionen
IKW Quality Assessment Recommendation: Compatibility of Shoe Uppers with Care Products (update 2022)
IKW-Empfehlung zur Qualitätsbewertung: Pflegemittelechtheit von Schuhobermaterialien (Aktualisierung 2022)
Illustrating Skin Hydration by Capacitive Contact Imaging after Frequent Hand Disinfection
Illustration of the Impact of Naturalness and Eco-design on the Olfactory Sensoriality of Cosmetic Products
Im Blickpunkt: aktuelle Lösungen zur Senkung der CO2-Emissionen
Impact of Specified Microorganisms on Quality and Safety of Cosmetic Products
Impact of Wax Particles on Crystallization and Stability of Melt Emulsions
Importance of Hydrotropes for I&I Cleaning Formulations
IN & OUT Routine to Prevent Skin Aging
IN & OUT Routine zur Vorbeugung der Hautalterung
Inline-Rheologiesensoren ermöglichen mit Echtzeitmessungen die agile Herstellung von Körperpflegeprodukten
Innovative Solution for Cosmetic Protection with Skin Functional Activity
Innovativer Schutz kosmetischer Produkte mit positiven Effekten für die Hautgesundheit
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